Our personnel consist of highly qualified technicians and divers with a proven track record for delivering results for all budgets and in all time frames.

The team has experience in a wide range of underwater applications such as underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing, underwater hull repairs and surveys, seabed surveys, anchor recovery, wreck refloating and removal, pollution consequences treatment, oil products recovery from sunken vessels, pipe/cable laying and protection as well as installation of anticorrosion protection systems.

Our divers always strive on safety, efficiency and getting the job done.





Atlantis Marine Services owns the latest technology in hydraulic driven equipment for various applications and is constantly investing in new equipment to meet the growing demands of the industry.

We have developed a wide range of equipment and brushes in order to achieve the best quality of cleaning and polishing without damaging the coatings, reducing the cleaning time to the minimum.

We maintain as well modern underwater welding and cutting equipment, CCTV survey and anchor recovery equipment.

We guarantee we will engage and deploy the most up to date technology so as to ensure that our clients get the best possible results in terms of delivery and quality.